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So Quaint: The Colours of Paloma Faith

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Behind all that emo make up and dreary expression she had on as a St. Trinian’s misfit, you wouldn’t think that Paloma Faith could actually be a singer.

A music review by Penny C

Paloma Faith
Paloma FaithPaloma Faith

How appearances lie! Paloma Faith proves to be everything her music inclines her to be. Images of a rowdy circus, vintage sailor fun and an antique radio pops into mind when listening to Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful. It’s the kind of music you’d have on while doing house chores because you’ll eventually be using the vacuum cleaner as a microphone and your fresh towels as stage props. But besides making you dance indoors, the songs on this album are a blizzard of fetching rhythms that accompany eccentric imaginations of stage play.

The pliable facets of Paloma Faith’s musical abilities are impressive as her album plays on with tunes dusted with cheery notes and lyrics that tell bittersweet stories. In Broken Doll, a girl troubled by the darkness and nightmares created by the truth of an absent love finds comfort under her puppeteer’s control. Flip the coin again and you’ll get Stone Cold Sober, an upbeat track that sings of an independent and determined individual who braves through the rough and comes up tough. Yes, she’s definitely got it.

Paloma Faith

Paloma FaithDeep within that strong voice you can hear hints of soothing Jazz and Blues, genres which Faith had immersed herself in before coming into her own an Artiste. Like the quirky lass that she depicts herself to be in real life, Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful is a lyrical mirror to all that. Also having prior working experiences as a magician’s assistant, a trained contemporary dancer who had performed in burlesque shows and an actress, this is the album of a playful personality who’s all dressed up and can’t wait to share her music with everyone. A teeny bit of Yann Tiersen and doses of Duffy and Pixie Lott doused in palettes of colour, you’ve got Paloma Faith.

Thumbs: 4 out of 5
Listen to: Stone Cold Sober, Upside Down, New York & Stargazer.

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