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Saving Asia

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It has been a week of tragedy across Asia-Pacific as earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis have plagued the region. As we shed light on the situation, we hope that you’ll reach out to these victims to help them rebuild their lives by lending a hand or even sending a donation so their most basic needs are met.

Saving AsiaThe Philippines was last hit by Typhoon Ketsana, which moved into Vietnam, Southern Laos and neighbouring Cambodia, leaving nearly 500 dead and hundreds of others injured, while other victims struggle on to survive and rebuild their lives.

Unfortunately for the Philippines, another typhoon, Parma, struck again, killing at least 15 people and leaving main Luzon island cut off from electricity and communication. Said to be heading toward Taiwan, 1, 800 people from Taiwan’s southern mountainous areas have been evacuated after the Central Weather Bureau forecasted landslides if the torrential storms hit the island.

The worst may still not be over as Typhoon Melor is hovering close and might pull Typhoon Parma back into the Philippines Ilocos region, as they are interacting with one another due to their close proximity, called the Fujiwhara effect.

Last Wednesday, Indonesia was hit by 7.6-magnitude earthquake, which left the death toll in the thousands with numbers steadily soaring as teams retrieve decaying bodies from the rubble, where whole villages have been buried by landslides.

Last Tuesday, a devastating tsunami hit the Samoa islands and Tonga with death tolls at nearly 190, while in southern India, hundreds of thousands were evacuated after torrential rains and flood, swept houses away, leaving at least 207 people dead.

With the destruction and number of deaths rising as these ravaged areas are cleared, victims are trying to get their life back in order – victims with no homes and clothes or access to uncontaminated food or water.

To lend your assistance so relief agencies can meet growing demands in these areas, click here to learn how you can make a donation and help someone desperately in need.

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