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Re-Wear Scare

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Do you re-wear your clothes? If you do, here are some re-wear dos and don’ts.

By Penny K

It’s something we rarely discuss, but that’s because more than re-wearing teeshirtclothes to save water and energy, we re-wear clothes because we’re plain lazy.

A Great American Hygiene Survey results show that 64 per cent of poll-takers admitted to re-wearing their clothes once or twice. Not sure about Singaporeans though I’m sure some of us are guilty of that. Question is, should we feel guilty?

Doctors say re-wearing clothes once or twice is fine but for the 11 per cent who re-wear clothes three to five times and the 2 per cent that re-wear clothes more than five times are treading on thin ice where it comes to their health. We shed about 40,000 skin cells per minute and also perspire.

If you think re-wearing clothes is a case of what you don’t see won’t kill you, then you may just be wrong. It’s precisely what you don’t see that may kill you, all that multiplying of bacteria and whatnot. Beware!

Wear them out!

It’s a whole different story where it comes to re-wearing denim. Denim aficionados insist that not washing your jeans keeps them natural and helps maintain their shape. Washing them infrequently (intervals of 6 months onwards) is also one way of retaining the colour of dark jeans.

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