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Black is always in. Check out these indie rockers that will get you up and moving around.

An Article by Penny V

Pop NoirI admit that I might be a little obsessed with the number one iPhone/iPod game application, Tap Tap Revenge, what more with its latest version just released this month. There’s a great reason behind it though – it has been a great source of finding out some of the up-and-coming bands that you won’t hear on the radio months till now. It’s always cool to be one-step ahead, especially when you live on a tiny island at the bottom of the music business chain.

One of the bands that I discovered besides NeverShourNever! is Pop Noir, a duo that are not only singer-songwriters, but award-winning designers, animators and illustrators. Let me take a moment to feel envious at the amount of talent swirling around in their little pinky alone! It also becomes really obvious that they want total control of their look and sound as they did it all by themselves. From designing the artwork to setting up their own label, they even edited their music video for their debut single DIY, which couldn’t be more apt, over Final Cut Pro. I say, I’m veritably impressed!

The song that got me hooked was Girls of Prey, which made me think of The Rakes the very first time I heard it. Their sound though is much cleaner, besides the fact that I can actually hear what they’re saying and has a dancey-pop edge to it that makes it so appealing without selling themselves out.

Born in Manchester, England, the twins grew up in Southern California where they formed the group whilst still studying at the Orange County High School of the Arts. Since debuting in late 2004 with a show in Costa Mesa in an abandoned indoor skatepark, they have been garnering legions of followers with an international fanbase developed from their myspace page alone.

After their European debut, they recruited drummer Nico Saavedra, adding another resounding layer to the unique mix that is Pop Noir. They have since grown from playing at abandoned buildings to prestigious venues alongside entertainment luminaries such as The Wombats and Doves.

The messy-haired, geek-chic duo are making waves with their sound that makes indie rock more hip and gives pop that raw edge, reminiscent of Datarock. Keep a look-out for them and if you want to hear some of their stuff, head on over to their MySpace Music Page or their official website.

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