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One for the Sharks: Smash a Soup Bowl

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Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) is encouraging people to break bowls. Find out why and how you can be part of the fray.

ACRES invites members of the public to come together to smash a soushark-finp bowls as a symbolic act of giving up shark’s fin. The broken pieces will be used to form a gigantic, 15m long mosaic of a shark.

Singapore is the world’s third largest shark’s fin trading centre. Shark’s fin is made into a traditional dish known as shark’s fin soup.

The tradition is cruel, wasteful and destructive. Sharks are caught, have their fins removed and then thrown back into the sea, bleeding to death. When sharks die, the balance of the entire marine food chain is tipped.

You will be asked to donate S$2 for each soup bowl and proceeds will go to ACRES’ animal welfare and education efforts. After the event professional artists will transform the broken pieces into a piece of art to be put on display at an exhibition. It will be featured for a whole year on ACRES’ school talks and road shows.

Come lend a hand in mending the broken pieces of marine life. Break traditions and make a statement.

The breakdown:

The Atrium@Orchard

The Drome – Plaza Singapura, Level 1

2 – 4 October 2009

10am – 10pm

To find out more, visit ACRES.

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