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Olsenboye for JCPenney

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After years of being in the entertainment scene and heading their own fashion line, Mary-Kate and sister Ashley Olsen aren’t only media savvy, they’re business savvy as well. Though they’ve been carving their own career paths with Mary-Kate still appearing in TV dramas and Ashley shying away from the paparazzi filled media scene to focus on being a fashion designer, their love for fashion inevitably brings them together.


You know where this is going! We’ve got news that this very talented pair of twins have created an edgy yet causal street wear collection exclusively for JCPenney, called Olsenboye. This fashion line for teens and tweens includes accessories to match the youthful and energetic concept of the collection. The main launch for Olsenboye will be held in February 2010 but currently,  a vigorous marketing campaign is happening where eye catching pink trucks selling cupcake merchandise and cupcakes, teaser videos, move along the streets of New York. Profits from this campaign will go to the JCPenney Afterschool Fund. Bring up the excitement, we say!


“Mary-Kate and I watch current trends and see our partnership with JCPenney as an opportunity to add something unique to the marketplace, especially in the current retail climate,” Ashley commented. “Olsenboye is an extension of the Dualstar brand and we feel this collaboration complements and strengthens our business portfolio, delivering trend-based fashion at affordable prices.”

Check out the teaser for Olsenboye!

Photo Credits & Source: JCPenney

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