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Natural Remedies for Healthy Eyes

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No one wants to appear lifeless and lethargic and the key to looking wonderful is in the eyes.  This goes for every man and woman out there who has ever had the problem of dealing with sleepy eyes. We feel you. Even children of the night would want to look their gothly best and having bright, captivating eyes does the trick.

A beauty article by Penny C

“You look so tired.”
“Did you get enough sleep?”
“Stayed up late last night, eh?”.

Enough of these comments! Especially when you’re genuinely thinking, “No, I’m not tired.”, “Yes, I slept for 8 hours.” and “No, I had an early night”. If you’re figuring out why you’re getting so much of these remarks, it’s all in the eyes. Your eyes, that is.

FoodTired eyes are prevalent in today’s hectic rush and our puffy eyes are screaming for some attention. To make matters worse, squinting and rubbing also lead to unnecessary discomfort to sensitive, delicate eye areas. We need to realise that some of the causes of having not so sparkling eyes are lack of sleep, fatigue, eyestrain, allergies, inadequate supply of oxygen to the cornea and pollution. So having enough sleep isn’t the only way to bright eyes. There’s a need to supplement a healthy lifestyle with convenient alternatives to staying alert and looking fresh!

If you think that revamping your entire lifestyle just to encourage healthy eyes is too much of a hassle right now, start small first. Besides placing cucumber slices over your eyes, there are other easy ways to get rid of the puffiness! Stick to our list of natural remedies to cure tired eyes at home and you’ll not only feel refreshed, but take gradual steps to a healthier and stunning you.

Chilled Spoons

The most common option is to place two spoons in the freezer. However, don’t freeze them entirely to avoid upsetting your skin. Once they’re cool enough, place them under the eyes to reduce puffiness.

Stone Cold

Another easy and effective method is to wash your eyes regularly with cold water. This option helps relax your eyes as it quickly removes tiredness and washes away a lackluster mood.

lavenderLavender Bliss

Add a few drops of lavender oil into a bowl of water and soak a cotton ball into this mix. Once the cotton ball’s laced with the aromatics of lavender, place them over your eyes for a soothing fix.

Milk Bath

Like Lavender Bliss, fill a bowl with cold milk and dip cotton balls into it. Enjoy the calming sensation of these cooling cotton orbs of milk when you place them over your eyes to remove puffiness.

Strawberry Stories

Besides being sweet and tasty ingredients in pastry recipes, strawberries are also perfect ingredients to soothe tired eyes. A chilled strawberry over the eyes battles weariness and helps rejuvenate your eyes instantly.

teaTea Time

Don’t throw tea bags away after you’re done with them as this is the best time to practice being frugal! Placing chilled tea bags over your eyes for 15 minutes is the most conventional method to prevent tired eyes as the bags tighten skin and absorb fluid. But if you’re worried that the tannin in tea will stain the delicate areas around your eyes, an alternative is to use Chamomile tea because it’s a light tea. Also as a herb, Chamomile carries soothing properties.

If you’re uncomfortable with using tea bags, dipping cotton balls into tea works just as well. This method prevents dehydration of the delicate eye areas as you pop them under your eyes to diminish eye bags.


Delicate skin needs gentle touches to maintain that glow. With all that sun exposure, UV rays and pollution that’s aging our skin, we need all the care we can get at home. Hydrate the areas of your eyes with moisturisers and use products that contain hydrating elements like evening primrose, jojoba, sesame oils. Take this tip too if you’re one who doesn’t like moisturisers much: there’s no harm in indulging in sleep to give your eyes that well deserved break.

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