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Mile High Karaoke with The Black Eyed Peas

  • SumoMe

Aim for the stars they say, but The Black Eyed Peas is band that sets their sights among the clouds. A record was broken over the weekend by this internationally loved band when they performed during a flight from Melbourne to Perth in a very entertaining stunt dubbed as “Mile High Karaoke”!

BEP sets a record 1

A 737-800 Virgin plane was the celebration venue for some 140 Virgin customers and competition winners. Together with the ever amazing BEP, everyone was set for the skies in the hopes of setting a new record for the world’s highest gig. Back in 2007, acid jazz/funk English band Jamiroquai, performed a record breaking Gig In The Sky, as they plugged their High Times: Singles 1992-2006 compilation album, and as well as a promotion for Sony Ericsson. That was at 10,668m.

BEP sets a record 2

But BEP easily soared into history by performing live and karaoke at 12,800m. Karaoke among the clouds? So very possible. Fergie,, Taboo and tore down the aeronautical roof with their swinging karaoke skills as Fergie rocked the cabins with Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog while attempted Barry Manilow’s party favourite, Copacabana.

Take a look at what went on in the skies!

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