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Keith Loutit’s Little People

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People? I thought they were really tiny toys. Those ships? Don’t they come in separate plastic fragments where you’ve got to piece them together? Keith Loutit’s short films deserve every double take because it’s hard to tell if the subjects he brilliantly incorporate into his videos are the real thing.

Fortunately, it’s no child’s play. All the scenes are real and were captured using special photography techniques. In Bathroom IV, he uses methods such as “time lapse” to create the illusion of forward movement for the helicopter ocean scenes.

091022 bathtub4

091022 bathtub 3

091022 bathtub

091022 bathtub2

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

“CLEMENTINE” (Megan Washington)
Performed by Washington
© 2008 J Albert & Son Pty Limited

On the other hand, Origin II was shot from two vantage points in Sydney’s ANZ Stadium. He applied a technique of extended reach by using tilted lenses and captured continuous action during game play by using a faster shutter rate to avoid the video function. ‘State of Origin’ is a best of three series between the Maroons (Queensland) and the Blues (New South Wales) in 2009. Gom rugby!

Origin II

Origin II

Origin II

Origin II

Origin II from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.


“ON + ON” (Heatley/Mahon/Neeson/Waters)
Performed by The Answer
From the album ‘Everyday Demons’
© 2008 J Albert & Son (UK) Limited (P) 2008 Albert Music

Fascinating! For more of his videos, check out his Vimeo channel.

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