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Sick and tired of what your room looks like? We know that’s why we’re suggesting a paint-over!

An article by Penny K

Having lived in the same room for over a decade, believe me when I saCB028921y I get bored of it sometimes. Instead of moving out which we all know is expensive and just not a practical option, why not give your room a paint-over? You’d be surprised at what a change in colour can do for your humble abode and for some, your humble paychecks.

I’ve gone through several colours since the day I moved in: cream, light fresh apple green and finally, dark red. Each colour signified a different stage of my life, but as you can tell I got bolder with my choice of room colour as the years went by.

I started out with cream because really, how wrong can you go with cream? It’s a mellow colour meaning it’s simple but off-white enough so you don’t have to fret incessantly over stains being visible. You also won’t have turn into the Wall Police – “You! Don’t touch my walls!”

A couple of yearpic_posterswatch_lrgs went by and I grew tired of cream; being around the Plain Jane of wall colours all the time was no fun. I decided to pick something more adventurous, but nothing too crazy so I went for a light, fresh apple green. My room was transformed instantaneously from an all-too-spacious-for-one-person abode to one that became a tiny bit cosier, with a fresh pop of colour too! I loved it.

As time would have it, I grew tired too, of that light apple green. The fresh pop fizzled out and had unfortunately run its course. I wanted something even cosier; something darker. If walls had arms I wanted to be embraced when I walked into my room – a feeling apple green could not give. So I plucked up my courage and opted for dark red. I wanted a room where I could bring a guy to and share an amorous moment or two and the red I chose really created the right kind of atmosphere for that wrong kind of desire.

You see, over time you will demand different things of your room and colour is a big contributing factor to how being in your room can make you feel. They say don’t miss the forest for the trees, but the trees make the forest so before you start blaming your house, your estate, your developer for not being able to harness all the rightness that your home is so missing, look first at your room, specifically your walls and its colour.

So you’ve decided to paint your walls…

Bear in mind certain aspects of your room such as how much natural lighting it allows, how much space, what kind of mood or atmosphere you’re trying to create with your room, and such like. Such things are worth considering because, for instance, while you may LOVE hot pink, it’s probably not wise to go with that colour if you live in a hole.

Some colours to consider… or not.



Red can be a classy colour if darker shades of the colour like maroons are used. It will make your room appear smaller but can make it appear cosy, if your idea of cosy is a warm coloured room. Avoid using red in kitchens as it is known to stimulate the nervous system thus boosting appetites. Unless you need to eat more than you already are, we suggest keeping reds for rooms only.


Orange / Coral

Oranges and corals are stimulating colours. They give a room warmth and provide a homely feel. However, neither should be applied to large areas of walls. If your room allows for little sunlight to begin with, you should avoid these colours as they are rather dark colours and could make your room appear even darker than it already is.



Like orange, yellow is a great colour when working with small spaces. Objects in a room with yellow walls appear closer, making the room appear bigger. However, yellow can be straining on the eye if used in large doses so perhaps choose a feature wall and paint that one yellow instead of all four. The only time it’s great to feel like you’re living in a block of cheese is if you’re a rat.



Green is a healing colour that can soothe the soul. If you’re taking care of an ailing family member be sure to give their room a fresh coat of green paint. It’s also known to lower blood pressure and relax the nervous system – great for people living with their families or for couples who live together!



If you’ve got a room that the sun shines on constantly, you need to give it the cool blue treatment. It can also make a room appear bigger. Depending on which shade, blue can make a room look formal so always apply in moderation you don’t want your house to turn cold.



Brown is an earthy colour that can bring to your room tranquility and intimacy. Don’t overuse though as your room can look dull.


Pink / Peach

Pinks and peaches are warm colours without the intensity of reds and oranges. If you find your room just a tad bit too cold, paint it pink or peach and you’ll find your room radiating subtly with warmth.

Years of response research have shown that colour affects human behaviour so pick yours wisely. Sure the above are some tips that we’ve put together but the home is yours, so choose colours that resonate well with you. Here’s to happy living!

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