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Have your chocolates by all means but let cocoa farmers have their money too!

By Penny K

What are Fair Trade chocolates?

Dagoba, Fair Trade chocolates.
Dagoba, Fair Trade chocolates.

Fair Trade certification is an international monitoring system that sets a price floor for farmers, prohibits child labour and promotes environmental sustainability.

Fair Trade chocolates are made from cocoa beans that are bought for a fair price (not in the NTUC kind of way) from farmers.

Fair Trade chocolate and cocoa products are marked with the “Fair Trade Certified” labels.

Why buy Fair Trade chocolates?

Before you pop that next piece of chocolate into your mouth, think about the process that went into making it.

Cocoa farmers are some of the poorest people in the world and many of them earn about GBP 50 a year.

They depend on selling cocoa beans to sustain their very basic cost of living. In addition, their income has to go into bean harvesting gear like wellington boots to protect their feet from scorpions that live among the cocoa trees.

Unfortunately, they don’t make enough money from selling their beans and thus are unable to afford food, medicine, clean water or education for their children. They are caught in a vicious poverty cycle.

In 1993, a small group of cocoa farmers in Ghana, West Africa, realised that by working together they could get more money from people who bought their beans. They pooled their resources and set up their own business called Kuapa Kokoo which means “good coca farmer” in their local Twi language.

Where to buy Fair Trade chocolates

Divine, Fair Trade chocolates.
Divine, Fair Trade chocolates.


Villagexchange (

  • Non profit organisation
  • Fair Trade Labelling Organisations (FLO) certified coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Delivery or convenient self-collection options available

Spencer’s Coffee (

  • FLO certified Clipper brand coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Available at most organic shops
  • Selected products also available at certain Cold Storage and Jason’s Supermarkets

Retail Outlets

Cold Storage sells Fair Trade coffee and tea.

NTUC Fair Price at Tampines stocks Fair Trade coffee and tea.

Marks & Spencer stocks Fair Trade coffee under their own label.

Starbucks sells packaged Fair Trade coffee (certified by TransfairUSA) and from time to time brews Fair Trade as the coffee of the day. You can do your part and request for a Fair Trade brew!

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