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Broadway 4 Suakus

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Broadway 4 Suakus: An endearing group that will accept you for who you are, no matter how different (just not too different) as long as you love or want to learn about musicals. Our Theatre pick of the month!

A Review by Penny V

Broadway 4 SuakusTaking place at The Hall at The Arts House, Broadway 4 Suakus was a cosy show-and-tell with a satirical group of musical-lovers from all walks of life.

Casual and intimate, it more or less felt like how my cousins would get together to put up a performance for our families when we had parties. Before the shindig started, the cast came over to introduce themselves, decked out in matching tracksuits.

Made up of an ex-offender, a teacher, a church counsellor and a grade-A bimbo, their love for musicals and the need to share it with everyone brought this motley crew together to form Broadway 4 Suakus.

And well, since this is Singapore you’ll want to join because membership is free and just downright funny! Introducing songs from popular to obscure musicals, themes and arrangements were quick and witty. Tweaked with their own brand of humour, they sang songs like Big Spender from Sweet Charity and The Lusty Month of May from Camelot.

Acted by Jonathan Lim, Judee Tan, Dwayne Lau and Candice De Rozario, the singing while nowhere near West End worthy, was still laudable and impeccable with the help of Julian Wong, pianist and music arranger.

Broadway 4 SuakusIn fact, the two bright spots were definitely Judee and Julian, young and full of potential, I bet we’ll be seeing great things from them over the next few years.

STAGES has birthed another franchise that will be talked about and looked forward to, much like how many of us already adore Chestnuts. If you don’t know what that’s about, where have you been hiding?

Word is that there are only 3 shows left! So to get on board, join the Suakus (it’s free!) at their show and wear your badge (not free!) proudly!

Broadway For Suakus
The Hall at The Arts House
Oct 15 – Oct 25, 2009

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