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Alexander McQueen’s Sea Odyssey for Spring 2010

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We take a look at Alexander McQueen’s ocean inspired Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear collection – it’s a definite wowza.

An article by Penny V

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010Holy crustaceans, Batman! Those are some unique shoes. As per usual, Alexander McQueen presented his 2010 spring collection in Paris, with dramatic flair – illuminated runways with movie cameras casting a complete 360 degree overview of his garments. Embracing technological savvy, the runway show was streamed live on Nick Knight’s interlaced with premade video footage. It was a definite production to behold, but nothing could take away from Alexander’s absolutely stunning designs.

Plato’s Atlantis, already gives you a slight inkling of what you can expect. Indicating earlier in a press release that his theme was based on life evolving from the sea and how we just may be heading back due to our tortured environment, his clothes definitely translated that clearly.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010Featuring reptilian colours of mossy greens and luscious browns, which made way to more aquatic blues, it was draped, nipped and moulded into mostly bell-shaped, short dresses. Even with its animalistic digitally manipulated prints, it still looked surprisingly wearable to hit the streets. I definitely wouldn’t mind having one of those dresses for a night out on the town.

What got me gawping like a baby bird were the amazing looking shoes that looked like underwater sea monsters clamped to each model’s legs. We all know his shoes are out of this world, but he definitely outdid himself this time around. The height of the heel and platform looked almost fetish-inspired, but they were beautifully embellished with prints and jewels. Give me a pair, but first, teach me how to walk in them without breaking both my ankles.

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