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A Far Longer Cry

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A study in Germany reveals that women cry more than men and for longer.

By Penny K

Men all over say, "I always knew so!"

German experts confirmed on Wednesday what we’ve always observed: that women cry more often than men, for a longer duration and in ways more dramatic.

The German Society of Ophthalmology found that women shed tears on average between 30 and a whopping 64 times a year whereas men cry only six to 17 times.

While men cry for between two to four minutes, each tear-jerking session experienced by females last for about six minutes. Weeping also turns into full-blown sobbing for women in 65 per cent of cases. Only six per cent of males experience this urge to turn sobbing into a full-on cry out.

Up till the age of 13, boys and girls shed the same amount of tears.

“blubbing because of joy, sadness or anger is something that is learned”


Both sexes put on a show of waterworks for very different reasons. Women cry when they feel inadequate or confronted by situations that are difficult to resolve or when they remember past events.

Men, meanwhile, tend to cry from empathy or when a relationship fails.

Looks like the assumption that girls cry and boys’ tear ducts are dry will hold till another study proves otherwise!

Source: Channel News Asia

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