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Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition

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The team from Penny checked out the Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition and why you should head down!

An Article by Penny V

“Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”, you’ve probably heard that song before but if you aren’t old enough, it was a song from the 1970s and sung by Dawn, featuring Tony Orlando. That particular song was the inspiration for the Yellow Ribbon Project.

Spearheaded by the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders (CARE) Network since May 2000, it aims to promote a more accepting society and the effective rehabilitation of ex-offenders in Singapore.

Continually inspiring Hope, Confidence and Opportunities for Ex-offenders, the sixth campaign of the Yellow Ribbon Project focuses on inmates and ex-offenders contributing back to the community and the under-privileged. Activities include an art exhibition that will be on display till September 20 in its line-up of events.

The Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition showcases artwork from its Visual Arts programme run by the Singapore Prison Service. This rehabilitative programme not only seeks to equip inmates with a skill-set but to nurture their artistic potential and provide them a medium to express themselves with a sense of freedom.

Held at the Singapore Art Museum, the exhibition features 66 art pieces that were contributed by inmates, volunteers and even overseas correctional facilities. It also showcases some of the best pieces from the Yellow Ribbon Art Competition that was held in July.

Presenting the inmates or ex-offenders Vision of Hope, the team behind Penny were impressed with the range of techniques displayed. It ranged from Pyrography, Pointillism and Abstract art to clay pieces.

More than that though, we were touched by the depth behind each piece and the message that each inmate was trying to get across: their feelings on (hopefully) reuniting with their family, that it isn’t the end of the road and that there is light behind bars.

Their visual reflections on their thoughts, hopes and dreams were almost overwhelming

One particular piece spoke out to me; A painted dreamscape with muted colours, his thoughts were scratched into the acrylic: “I am or (am I) ready to face the world?”. It was all at once, beautiful, melancholic and very intimate.

Other pieces on display included art from overseas correctional facilities, such as Cape Collinson Correctional Institution of Hong Kong and Stanley Prison of Hong Kong. Community pieces were also in view that reflected their own emotions and responses after working with inmates.

One particular piece called Voices of Hope, is a harmony of hand-made wind chimes and mobiles made out of aluminium sheets. Students from local schools also contributed to the exhibit by adding some of their own pieces from the workshop taught by ex-offenders.

Visitors can also get into the fray by creating their own wind chime. This collaboration between the inmates and public symbolises the coming together of a community.

With the theme of the Yellow Ribbon Project centred on giving back to the community, Art pieces are up for adoption, where the proceeds will be donated across several beneficiaries.

Yellow Ribbon Community Art Exhibition “Vision of Hope”

Date: 9 to 20 Sep 09
Time: 10am to 7pm Monday to Sunday and 10am to 9pm on Friday
Venue: Singapore Art Museum (SAM), 8Q

Wear a Yellow Ribbon!

Wear a Yellow Ribbon!Wear a yellow ribbon to show your support for the Yellow Ribbon Project and its vision for support and acceptance for ex-offenders! If you don’t have one, you can get yours from Croc Outlets* and Hardrock Cafe for a small donation.

Proceeds from the ribbons will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, officially launched by President Nathan in October 2004, which funds reintegration programmes for ex-offenders and their families.

*Crocs Outlets are available at:

  • Marina Square
  • Vivo City
  • Plaza Singapura

Be a Part of it!

Click here to see how you can volunteer, donate or be a part of the Yellow Ribbon Project.

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