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Weird Signs: Asian Pose Posse

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If you think peace-sign posing teens are annoying, here are 28 poses developed specially by Asian girls to add to the list!

A random midday discovery by Penny K

Thanks to websites like, we can now get acquainted with the various Asian poses out there. Penny picks the Top 5 – according to us!


#28 Tears
This gesture can be alternated between one of sadness and one of teasing. To simulate the teasing version, stick tongue out instead of pouting lips.


#27 Horns
This is one that screams “I may be cute, but I can be a devil!”


#24 Nyan Nyan
Don’t really know what that’s supposed to mean but this is a cat pose so it may be safe to assume “nyan nyan” is a adulterated version of a cat’s “meow”.


#22 Hey
This pose is fairly self-explanatory. It’s also the most normal one as yet.


#11 Punch to the Face
We don’t condone self-inflicted injury at Penny but this one is just too classic to pass up.

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If cute Asian girls doing weird things with their hands and faces is your thing, go to Asian Poses to see more!

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