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Watch out for Riddim Ribbon

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Sleek and cool, Riddim Ribbon is a new iPhone/iPod Touch application that will have you plugged in and grooving once it’s released October 2009.

An Article by Penny V

At Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” event, the fabulous people from Tapulous, the geniuses behind the Tap Tap franchise revealed their upcoming game, Riddim Ribbon. This got me bouncing in my seat because I’m pretty much a big Tapulous fan as it is.

Watch out for Riddim RibbonRiddim Ribbon is another game based solely on music for the iPod or iPod Touch. Focusing on dance music with its remixed beats and popular mash-ups, you too can be a DJ and create your own remix with style. Players race along a colourful track, with the music adjusting dynamically when choosing different paths and adding certain effects with jumps and hoops.

By tilting the controls, you have to try your best to stay on track and follow the groove. Be careful though, if you hit the side rails you’ll drop back to the basic bass line of the song. There are also checkpoints you have to clear in order to stay in the game

By the end of the level, you would have created your own remix that you can share with your friends and even challenge them to beat your score! With its sleek graphics and fun effects, my iPod touch cannot wait to download it.

Riddim Ribbon will be released in October with song bundles from the Black Eyed Peas along with unique arrangements by and a special level mixed by top-rated DJ, Tiƫsto.

For updates check out @RiddimRibbon on Twitter.

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  1. There’s a similar iPhone game out now called iMP: Surf the Music. You create your own soundtrack through surfing gameplay.

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