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Vexing Texting

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Mobile phones bring with them lots of convenience but also lots of crap, on the go!

Lamentation by Penny K


I check my phone only to read a message that says, “i see you!”text_message

My colleague in the next cubicle is peering over and giggling away.

I may be alone in this, but such is the kind of mobile crap that I receive on my phone on a daily basis.

It’s excusable when sent by friends or people you actually know. Sure it may irritate the hell out of you for a moment but you could probably laugh it off later. You may even indulge them and reply to say, “you see dead people??”

Less tolerable are random messages from strangers that say, “remember me? you filled up a survey for me in town last saturday”. These take the Cake of Annoyance. I already participated in your survey now leave me alone.

textingWhat is it about the digital age that makes people see need to communicate and stay in touch all the time? Damn you Nokia for connecting people!

Mobile phones also do away with the time factor which means just when you think you’re done communicating with someone, it doesn’t mean that person has to be done with you. You may have received text messages at 4 in the morning that say, “we broke up, what do i do?” It may not be the best time to mourn collectively over the death of your friend’s relationship but they’ll send that message anyway.

This also makes it harder to ignore people. You could very easily ignore a message that says, “how you doing?” but how can you forsake the one who says, “i think i’m existentially challenged.”

Not only do mobile phones bring lots of vexing to the texting, it also means you will be doomed to being part of a network of eternal connectivity. Can’t do without them, can’t do with them!


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