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Samsung ST550: Two Ways To Play

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The friends at the Samsung research lab apparently understand the marvellous practicality of an LCD screen at the front of  any digital camera.

A review be Penny C

Samsung ST550Someone must have gotten the memo that people are still taking in the fun of aiming a camera at themselves for a picture. We’re also not kidding when we say that eyes bulged wide in surprise and stunned gasps escaped mouths when we flaunted the Samsung ST550’s unique dual screen feature. All the “ooooh’s” and “wow’s” approved of this little 1.5” LCD screen. No more halved smiles, crooked angles and one eye-ed faces! Not only that, gone is the dissatisfaction after each alien-like attempt at a self portrait.

Though it captured the spotlight with its touch screen capabilities and matching digital features, navigation in the beginning proved a little baffling. But after a few attempts at familiarisation, it’s all good.

Rich, flushed colours and sharp images were the proven result of this camera’s ability to perform. Together with the auto focus, the macro shots weren’t disappointing too. Also, you’ve got be daft not to notice the smart face recognition tool. This innovative feature remembers up to 20 frequently captured faces and these camera-loving faces can be searched through playback. This does somehow feels like the Samsung ST550’s alive and it knows things.

Samsung ST550The one touch shooting and auto-focus also allows you to choose your main focus point anywhere in the frame with a simple tap. After which, just leave your finger on the spot for two seconds to take the picture. However though, efforts to stand out with such originality usually indicates a pinch in the longevity of the battery. As always, this depends on how frequent you take the camera out for some snappy fun. In our case, we had to charge it after two days of usage.

The Verdict:

Wide and dual screened, button-less navigation, and equipped with a wide angle lens (Schneider Kreuznach lens, to be exact, the Samsung ST550 is worth all the hoo-haa (we’ve got a few sample shots from the camera below). Just remember to charge it regularly.

The Bits:

Size/Weight: 99.8 x 59.8 x 18.6mm/165.7g (without battery and card)
12.2 Mega-pixel
4.6x optical zoom
Main Display: 3.5″ (touch screen LCD), Front Display: 1.5″
55MB (Internal Memory), Micro SD (up to 4GB)


  1. I think you missed out something, the children mode… it’s the most thoughtful function I have ever seen. :p

  2. Oh yes! The children mode’s definitely a nifty addition to the camera..would who have thought about using the front screen to grab the attention of toddlers. Gives the ST550 more reason to be used during occasions like family gatherings. Thanks for pointing that bit out! :)

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