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Philippines – Superferry 9 Capsizes

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090907_pferry931 people had been rescued from the wreck that is Superferry 9 which carried nearly 1,000 passengers. The vessel had sunk into the southern Philippines on Sunday. A distress call was issued from the ferry at approximately 3:30 am (1930 GMT Saturday), 11 kilometres (seven miles) off the coast of Zamboanga peninsula, 19 hours after it embarked from General Santos City. The death toll is still on the rise as so far, only 9 bodies had been brought to shore by rescue boats and fishing vessels while the many others still missing.

090907_pferry3The search continued into the night as government vessels and private boats prowled the seas for survivors. Hope seemed flimsy to some survivors as rescue wasn’t visible for at least two hours since the accident occurred and later reports claimed that “some may have drifted away in life rafts or been picked up by private boats that took part in the rescue”. Authorities and passengers have commented that passengers who did not get into lifeboats abandoned ship and jumped into the sea in panic as the Superferry 9 tilted to its side.

090907_pferry2However, doubts of the list of survivors still loom over the nation as there could be double entries of names that might hinder accurate screening. Causes of this incident stay blurred and criminal charges in place if negligence was a key role in this mishap. Though there were claims that the weather was manageable, the tropical storm Dujuan might have stirred up the seasonal southwest monsoon winds and had brought rough weather across the country, as reported by the weather bureau in Philippines.

Aside from dreadful weather, poor maintenance, overcrowding and slipshod regulations have been contributing factors to Philippines’ notorious marine industry.

Source and photo credits: MSN News

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