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The wonderful Penny team, got together one Sunday afternoon to find a way to get organised in a creative and therapeutic manner needed for that fresh start.



Walking by a pet store, we got an idea for a non-run-of-the-mill organiser, made out of a very ordinary hamster cage. I know, I know. It all sounds very dubious; you just have to trust us!

We purchased a tall hamster cage, with tunnels and wheels included and made our way to the hardware shop. Since we’re making an organiser, we needed shelving to create levels. Plexi-glass, plywood or even just plain chicken coop mesh, works perfectly.

Remember to grab some brackets along the way to affix to the cage or to make it even easier, plastic fasteners. In this case, we used the mesh and wire fasteners. Simple and easy, with very little tools needed.

  1. First we removed the bars that we didn’t need. So the whole front half of the cage came off. Do this carefully. You might need wire cutters to get this done. In our case, the hinges came off separately from the rest of the cage. So that is something you might want to take into consideration when getting this project done.
  2. If you would like to change the colour of your cage to something more moxy, this would be the time to do it! Spray paint it, finger paint-it, graffiti it, do what you want and leave it to dry.
  3. Once that’s done we measured out our mesh. We decided we wanted to add two levels and have the width of the top be shorter than the bottom. Some architectural imagination never hurt anyone.
  4. After


    We decided on using plastic fasteners to affix the mesh to the cage, making it a hassle-free experience. Cut off the excess plastic – not too short though – and there you go! Your cage organiser!

  5. We also had fun decorating it with ribbons and wrapping paper. Penny K now houses some of her favourite books and diaries, accessories and daily items she uses.
  6. You can also choose to attach additional slots to the side of the cage for more storage and organising fun.

Pretty handy we think! Have fun with this project! If you  try it out, take a picture of your creation and e-mail it to!

Take a look at the step-by-step process through pictures.

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The original Hamster Cage


  1. Thats actually quite nice. So who got to keep it in the end?

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