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Only One Way Up

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At school, I hung around with kids who ran into pillars and hit their heads (unintentionally), brought plushies to school and cried whenever someone took their erasers or emptied their pencil cases. These friends are also the same ones who are now teachers, graphic designers and believe it or not, working with the police force. They might not hold the conventionally revered titles of Doctors or Lawyers, but they are equally capable and leaders in their respective fields. Were these adults who would also participate with me in an amusing time of slapping wet bathroom tissue together and tossing them upwards onto the ceilings? You betcha.

A realisation by Penny C

Only One Way UpWhen I was a wee girl, adults were my guiding lights and sometimes, super heroes to an extent. They were ideals of people who could handle anything thrown at them. They knew the answers to everything we asked and when things went wrong, the blame was usually on us. Responsibility didn’t seem like a thorn in their sides because they kept things so cool and appeared so proper. The government officials and managers go about their day like they were born to do so. So now that we’re of age, we’re supposed to experience a sense of elucidation like these mature, awesome individuals who have everything together. But why doesn’t it feel like it?

Only One Way Up
Because in reality, it was all deceit; all that composure that we thought adults had were crap. We would know. Behind our crisp suits and articulate tongues, we’re shaking in our boots. Congrats, that shady man with the leather coat just slipped into our hands a card of mockery that reads “You’re It” before stealthily gliding away into the crowd of other unsuspecting youths. The reason behind the paradoxical deal about adults is simple: Sometimes we have our shit together, sometimes we don’t.

Take these instances for example: At 7AM, a medical professional gets giggly when she chooses to wear a pair of polka dotted undies that hides her coloured tattoo of frisky elves. At 3PM, the head of IT huddles into an empty cubicle and makes a call to another colleague to ask about something she’s supposed to know. At 9PM, the Dentist gets tipsy, ends up puking by the road side and gets ridiculed by friends for choosing to empty his stomach at such an hour. But on the flipside, these individuals are employed for their skills and expertise and one wrong move in their day jobs could prove fatal for others.

Only One Way UpSadly, there are still times when we want to blow our responsibilities just to get back to a game of Garfield Gets Real on our Wii. There’s no one to pass the ball to and regrettably, the game rules of “who stole the bloody cookie from that damn jar” don’t apply here anymore. But that doesn’t mean we can’t freak out at the sight of an empty jar.

Maturity comes with age but it sure has its own fair share of loopholes. There was no disclaimer stating that growing up included falling apart, nervous breakdowns, carving careers and getting taxed while at it when they made us think about ambitions in school. We’re the still the same with or without our books – people with feelings, fears and the need to cut each other some slack.

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