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We all sing the same tune about up-and-coming singer, Nicole Verghese: promising!

An article by Penny K

Between melodies delivered in a soulful voice, Nicole Verghese, 24, chattered on like a happy summer bird about the reasons why she chose particular songs and why she needed her lyrics with her during the hour-long gig titled “A Night with Nicole Verghese”.

6540_135196091281_729056281_3722772_1509191_nNicole’s raw talent and her nervous banter about this, that and the other was a reminder that stars aren’t born Beyonce. Like everything else in life, becoming a singer has its own rite of passage.

Nicole fell in love with being in the spotlight ever since she was a little girl. She joked onstage, “I used to sing so much at times my mother would have to say, “Okay, Nicole quiet time NOW. Shhhh!”” But that was all in the past; Nicole’s mother who couldn’t stop beaming with pride at her gig on Friday, has apparently long forgiven her.

Nicole sang a mixture of contemporary hits like “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson and “Hush Hush” by the Pussycat Dolls and belted out oldie goodies like “Holding Out for a Hero” and “Make You Feel My Love”, proving herself to be somewhat of an old soul but with a new vibe.

A natural soprano, Nicole’s vocals at times soars and then melts down into a soulful, soothing timbre. Like the welcoming person that she is, Nicole has the sort of voice that embraces its listener in a warm hug, leaving you snug in a blanket of voice.

Nicole is a singer trying to pave a way for her talent. In a country that can be somewhat skeptical and less than supportive of local talent, she admits that at times, trying to “make it” can be daunting. But the last thing the feisty 5″1 songstress will bow down to is a challenge.

From performing an assortment of songs including her original song, “Pretending“, at the SPH Gift of Music @ Paragon earlier this year to representing Singapore in the World Championships of Performing Arts (won the silver award), it’s safe to say Nicole is certainly going places.

Penny supports local talent so Nicole, from us to you, thanks for a great night of music and entertainment and helping us end our Friday night on a high note!

For more of her videos, click here! | Be a fan! | Follow her on Twitter: @blazebox

Hear ye: Penny supports local talent 100% so if you know of someone who’s trying to carve out something for themselves, email us at and we’ll see to it that they get a spot on this site do or die.


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