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Look Your Sunday Brunch Best

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Ladies that brunch together stay together. Pick out the best dresses to look your prettiest at Sunday Brunch Dress Shop.  

A recommendation by Penny K 

Ask a man what a dress is and a decent one will say it’s something women wear to look good – some others will say like any other piece of clothing, it’s meant to be shed in a while’s time. 


Both answers may be true to some extent but dresses are all that and much more. Ask the founders of New York based Sunday Brunch Dress Shop and they will concur:

Dresses aren’t just for swooning over dark, brooding men or inheriting spooky mansions on windswept moors. They’re also for brunch on Sunday morning, going out with friends, or even going to work. They’re for slowing down and dressing up. They’re for elegance every day, for showing that the moment is special.


It’s true, dresses are for every occasion which is why you will find at Sunday Brunch Dress Shop a variety of dresses that range from the pretty to the practical. Many of the dresses sold at the web store feature cinched waists which is a rare one-trend-fits-all godsend. Cinched waists help skinny girls attain a curvier shape and curvier girls attain a skinnier waist. What else about it is there not to love?isabel-305x400

Part dress shop and part art gallery, the Sunday Brunch Dress Shop also features the works of various artists such as Katy Smail and Sara Harvey. Shopping here is a visual breath of fresh air. There’s a definite vintage touch not only to the design of the website but also the dresses for sale. Curious about the 50s female silhouette? Visit Sunday Brunch Dress Shop today to find out how you can own a piece of that swinging era.

Best part?

They ship to Singapore!

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