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Keeping Books Clean

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They’ll eventually tear apart but when we put in that little effort to keep our books as new as possible, repairing them later on won’t be a miserable task. Here’s four simple ways to keeping your novels in tiptop condition!

An article by Penny C


Reading Stairs

Straight Up
Store them vertically or horizontally without having them tilt awkwardly against each other. Huge books should be laid down along shelves to prevent the pages from falling outwards. Remember gravity? Yeah, she’s a pain.

Keep It Flat
Propping your opened book face down to make sure your page isn’t lost doesn’t seem harmful but it is. When you do that, the pressure, no matter how slight, will eventually cause your covers to bend and the pages to be stretched away from the spine. The easiest way to prevent this: flag your page with a bookmark and close your books each time you need to stop reading. Rulers, ribbons and scrap paper make good flat bookmarks too.

Don’t you just hate decolouration, especially when it happens to books that have yet to reach the age of 50? Prevent premature aging signs on your beloved novels by not openly leaving them  in places with extreme temperate conditions. Some areas to avoid are hot, stuffy cars, under direct sunlight and bathrooms where too much moisture can be detrimental to books over long periods of time.



Can’ Touch This
Don’t read while eating – we can’t help it sometimes but really, we’ve got to try! Books not only look better but they live better as well without all the crumbs and oily fingers. This won’t lead a trail of ants and other pests to your books as well.

No one can accuse you of being anal about your books anymore because really, personally bought books are the best when they’re kept spiffy clean. If they do anyway, feel free to throw the yellow pages at them.

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