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Just Mobile Xtand Pro: Keeping Things Up

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Ever so often I find myself hunching and squinting just to work better on my notebook. Not all of us have that perfect notebook with those perfect dimensions. Oh what do we do!

A review by Penny C

Xstand Pro1That’s where the Just Mobile Xtand Pro comes it. This stand lets you work comfortably by elevating your mini workstation to a desirable height that reduces wrist and neck strain. With your MacBook off both your desk and lap, the computer also diffuses heat with the constant airflow underneath. Health benefits aside, we get this apparatus up to see how user friendly it is.

The wide oval base and X-shaped platform (tilted at 30 degrees) are fitted with non-slip rubber pads at the edges that resist movement and hold the stand and Mac Book in place. Though this may be made for Apple notebooks, we popped on regular laptops and because of its Apple centric dimensions; they didn’t fit just as well.

Xstand ProSome shudder at the sight of equipment that arrives with the individual parts screaming to be put together.  Worry not and smile because it doesn’t take an engineer to set this up. The only effort and tool we needed here is a coin to fasten the screws that join the base with the X-Shaped top platform. The lesser the complications, the happier we are.

Xstand Pro2The Xstand Pro was obviously created for Apple fans, who are a selective bunch with an eye for sleek designs. Silvery smooth and made with aluminium, this stand matches not only with MacBook models but also complements any other notebooks with funky colours and designs. Also included in every package is a choice of two centre tube like columns for working just only 1.5 inches off your desk or a more elevated workstation 4.5 inches taller.

The Verdict
Fix the parts together tightly and the Xtand Pro does its job. This is durable and pretty much a clever gadget for any notebook user. Remember to check that the notebook fits first.

Th Bits:
Accessories type: Apple Accessories; Laptop Accessories
Fits: MacBook 13″ and MacBook Pro 15″
Size: 11.8 x 8.0 x 2.4–6.0 inches
Weight: 726g (with small tube); 816g (with large tube)
Material: All solid aluminium construction
Height: Two adjustable settings (4.5inches and 1.5inches)

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