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Disney acquires Marvel! What will we get next? Beauty and The Hulk? Take a look at some pictorial mash-ups that include Iron Mouse!

By Penny V

If you haven’t already heard, Disney is making a pretty lucrative deal by acquiring Marvel Entertainment for a cool $4 billion dollars.

Marvel houses the comic world’s best known superheroes with the likes of Spiderman, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four – their wide spread infamy due to big-picture debuts, video games and consumer products.

And of course, Disney wants to cash in on that. With this acquisition, they’ll be working hand-in-hand with studios as they continue to produce these commercial blockbusters over the next few years with their video game spin-offs. Can you also say The Hulk lunchbox?

With talks of some of these Marvel hero’s integrated within Disneyland, you might soon be enjoying a ride with Ironman next to Space Mountain.

It also doesn’t hurt that these non-caped crusaders appeal vastly to boys, a market that is exponentially smaller to Disney’s main demographic of girls, who love their Princesses and want to be just like Hannah Montana.

The twitter community abuzz, it has drawn some mixed reactions and we pretty much loved this particular comment by @RonPloof: My son just said, “Disney buying Marvel is like Gap Kids buying Victoria’s Secret.”

Tell us what you think and in the mean time, have some fun looking through some DisneyMarvel mash-ups, with the links listed below the picture.

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