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Helping Typhoon Ketsana Victims

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Typhoon Ketsana hit Pasig, Manila on Sept 25, 2009 leaving behind death and destruction. Find out how you can do your bit to help!

Typhoon Ketsana VictimsOver the weekend, Typhoon Ketsana hit Pasig, located east of the Philippine capital, Manila. The worst tropical storm to hit the city in 40 years, almost two million people were affected, with the casualty count at 246 and rising, as the mud is cleared.

With almost 80% of the city submerged over the weekend, Filipino citizens are in dire need of food, water and clothes. As such, relief agencies in Singapore are collecting donations to address the victims of Typhoon Ketsana’s most basic needs.

Mercy Relief will be sending a team with a batch of relief items that include medicine, blankets and water purification tablets. Along with the Singapore Red Cross, they are also collecting donations from the public, while the Singapore Government has contributed US$20, 000 towards the appeal.

To contribute to the aid and relief work done by the Philippines National Red Cross, you can make a donation to the following agencies:

Mercy Relief, till October 18, 2009

Singapore Red Cross, till October 30, 2009

Philippines National Red Cross

Unfortunately, Donations-in-kind are not accepted due to logistical constraints.

The Singapore Red Cross is working closely with the Philippines to help locate family members who may have been affected. Send an email to: for your request .

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Typhoon Ketsana Victims

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  1. it is very unfortunate for our Filipino and Vietnamese brothers to be hit by typhoon Ketsana. i have seen the massive flooding and the flood victims on TV and it is really horrible.

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