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While balancing the responsibilities of school and the love for his career, Nathan Hartono has released Realise – a 2 disc collection of his successful albums (Let Me Sing! Life, Love and All that Jazz & Feeling Good with Nathan Hartono (live concert recording)). This compilation album also includes 2 new tracks Stay (self penned) and Where I Belong (as featured during the National Day Parade 2008). Yup, so that’s 25 blissful tracks of downy jazz vocals.

A music review by Penny C

Nathan Hartono 1Wait, how old is Nathan Hartono again? His album, Realise, is packed with melodies sung with such a voice beyond his years. Nathan’s established singing capabilities mirrors the vocal dynamism he had so apparently developed over his years of experience on the stage. Nathan takes on a couple of modern radio hits on Feeling good with Nathan Hartono and kicks up the beat with his own unique renditions. I never knew Seven Nation Army could still sound so kickass from the chords of a jazz singer. But he stays true to the theme and continues to wow his audience, who were all ears for that Hartono groove infused into the much loved jazz tunes of yesterday like Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head and You Make Me Feel So Young.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the main highlights of  Let Me Sing! Life, Love and All That Jazz are the additions of Where I Belong and Stay, the latter an original by Nathan. Who doesn’t feel proud of the national flag when someone as polished Nathan sings the country’s theme song of 2008? Stay, on the other hand, was dedicated to his fans in a massive appreciation of their utmost support. This self written song is a play on words and feelings as he shares on the teasing inspiration for the song:

“Stay was a song written with a little tongue in cheek, and the lyrics are actually quite nonsensical, but what it talks about is wanting to keep the ones you love. Especially in a time where life is crazy everywhere and it is so hard to keep those that really matter around you. It is a serious song, with a less than serious melody and lyrics and that is what I love about it (:”

Nathan Hartono 2But besides reminding listeners that yes, Nathan is still out there holding on to his dream despite managing the rushes of school, Realise was produced with another motivation in mind. This CD was made to encourage the underprivileged children that with hard work and a persistent passion in fulfilling their ambitions, dreams do come true; as such the case of Nathan, who has already achieved so much as a teenager in the music industry.  Hence, for each copy of Realise sold, a donation will also be made to Singapore Children’s Society in aid of realising and benefiting children’s dreams.

We wanted some smooth tunes and we’ve got soulful jazz singer Nathan Hartono to thank for. Like how he puts it, let the man sing and you’ll realise love, life and all that jazz.

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Stay, My Crush & Seven Nation Army

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