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Good Eats: Dendeng

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Penny V showcases some wonderful and interesting treats that crop up especially for the Hari Raya Season. This week, Dendeng.

An article by Penny V

Good Eats: DendengEverytime Hari Raya comes around I gear myself up to head out to the bazaar so I can buy myself some Dendeng. These delicious slices of heaven are sweet with a hint of spice and smokiness that makes it absolutely tantilising.

Prepared with thin slices of minced beef, they are marinated in a concoction of coconut sugar, salt and a variety of spices, which include coriander, tamarind, ginger and garlic. Though it can also be made of pork, chicken or fish, beef is the firm favourite. Once it’s ready it’s lovingly cooked over a charcoal grill.

When I first bought these square shaped slices, it reminded me very much of Bakkwa, a  Chinese version of this, made of pork, but the flavour was distinctive with its sweetness and spicy undertones.

I’m pretty much set for the season, and I do have to say it stores pretty well in an air-tight container that may last you for quite a while. So head on over to the bazaar and grab yourself some Dendeng.

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