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“Love isn’t love until you give it away” – the value of this phrase extends itself even more when it’s taken out of a song and fitted into an actual act of sharing and giving. is a hype-site which provides a peek into what’s to come in a couple of months! The aim of is to bring together and match the kindness of people with the right charities that need their support.

Besides being an avenue for generosity, makes fund raising much easier and more accessible for both organisations and communities to get involved in causes all over world. This site encourages the awareness of many aid organisations by leveraging on social media to spread their causes and raise donations. During the main launch, more fundraising features will be introduced to enhance the various possibilities for communities to give and also further develop what the site is already offering to do – help.

Monetary donations, which would have otherwise been spent on publicity, will be given to the Typhoon Morakot victims in Taiwan for:

– every new fan on their facebook page
– every tweet containing the keyword “” and
– every blog mention of helping disaster relief efforts in Taiwan

It may only take one mind to have an idea, but it takes many more hearts to fulfill a dream. For more information, visit their website and help the victims and families devastated by Typhoon Morakot.

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