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Fresh Shave: With the Grain

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We know how lazy we can all get when we have just rolled out of bed, but a good shave can refresh you – especially when it’s done right.

An Article by Penny V

Fresh Shave: With the GrainI know many of you guys just hop, and I use that term very loosely, out of bed and head to the bathroom for your morning ablutions. We’ll skip the obvious beginnings and straight to where you splash your face with some cold water to wake up and start shaving.

Some shave without cream or gel, and go against the grain and I’m pretty sure you suffer from daily nicks and drag burn. While others may use it but still get a stiff beard and ingrown hairs. Sorry boys, all of that ain’t sexy.

Read on, to find out how you can get that perfect shave.

Step  1:

Don’t miss out on the prep! Shave after a warm shower or if you’re short on time, splash on some warm water. This will help to open your pores and soften the beard. Use a good shaving cream as it helps to minimise irritation and further soften the beard. Gels, water and any product containing menthol is not your best friend as it closes your pores and stiffens the beard instead. In turn, this might produce razor burn when you use a firmer grip.

Squirt a coin sized amount on your wet palm and work the shaving cream until it is a rich lather and apply it to the face.

Step 2:

Pick up your clean, sharp razor and, now this is very important, shave WITH the grain! That means, shaving in the direction the hair grows. Hair doesn’t grow upwards like it’s reaching for the sun.

This important step minimises cuts, razor burn, irritation and most importantly, in-grown hairs. Don’t place too much pressure and instead glide the razor over your face and rinse the blade often.

After shaving, close the pores with a rinse of cool water. It’s also best if you change the blade of your razor once a week, but we know that might get a little pricey.

Step 3:

There’s a step 3? Yes, there is! Believe me when I say your friends do not admit they use moisturizer – but they do! It’s an important last step as it helps to soothe and promote healing. Plus, what chick can resist a smooth cheek to nuzzle?

Follow these steps for a smooth finish and perhaps you won’t end up like this guy:

If you have any comments or recommendations for razor’s, hit us with a comment below!


  1. great article! i love the video at the end. it was super hilarious! :)

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