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Fresh Moves: Staying Recreationally Relevant

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Singaporeans aren’t always the best at innovating what’s relaxing but we can always watch and learn.

An article by Penny K

When even Muay Thai and kickboxing are considered passé forms of exercise, you know we’re in deep trouble. We’re not traditionally recognised for being a bunch that knows how to relax but we don’t have to take to recreation like we do our learning – by rote.

All’s not lost. With new forms of unorthodox exercise blossoming elsewhere, we can now gain inspiration and take fresh cues. It’s all about learning and adapting to suit our context. Here are some we think are good to import:

Sweaty Sundays at Foresight Studios, Silver Lake, Los Angeles 28758325

This dancercise class that attracts a host of creative types is taught by Ryan Heffington, a performance artist, dancer and designer. Lycra and lamé attire and indie rock, techno and 1980s New Wave hits are the mainstay at this class. Classic jazz and ballet moves are part of the workout which means you can expect nothing short of a toned body, provided you don’t self-destructively reward your great workout with a tub of ice-cream after. An interesting amalgamation of art and exercise, we reckon this class is great for the body, mind and soul, and the growing number of counter-culture beings and artsy types in Singapore today.

For more information and images, go here.

Jukari Fit to Fly at Equinox Fitness Club, Manhattan 53edb2260d_jukarifit_02262009

This exercise method makes use of modified circus equipment. With Cirque du Soleil as its inspiration, it involves working out on a specially designed trapeze called a FlySet, adapted from equipment used by professional gymnasts at the Cirque. Carol Espel, a director at Equinox, has been quoted saying New York is home to residents who “are receptive to strange ideas”.  A far cry from this eclectic group, this class may not sit well with some Singaporeans but we already work hard, might as well play hard with a similar challenging class.

For more information and images, go here.

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