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Fresh Moves: Morning has Broken

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Fortify yourself with some extra help to battle those early morning obstacles that are in your way from that perfect routine.

An article by Penny V

Clock from

Clock from

So for the last two weeks, you’ve taken Penny K’s advice by getting yourself into a morning routine that works for you. I got myself into action, because my usual morning escapades first of all, never put me in a good mood and it just about caused my wallet to suffer a cardiac arrest from all the taxis I took so I wouldn’t be late for work.

What exactly were my mornings like? Getting up before the 20th time I have to hit the snooze button, or waking up in abject horror that “I only have $%£#-ing 20 minutes to get to work!”

Yeah, not fun. As we all know it’s hard to break out of a habit, but you have to try! So my new basic routine now consists of waking up before the third time I have to hit the snooze button, getting my butt into the shower for all the usual ablutions, dressing and having a hot cup of tea before leaving to catch the bus.

While the routine is now put in place, saving me the agony of grabbing a cab (Hello, Peak Hour Charge!) and actually putting on my make-up at home, instead of haphazardly on the way to work – it still takes a while for my system to be fully functional by the time I get to work.I mean functional, as in getting past the usual “Grr. Arr. Snarl” forms of communication and feeling awake instead of furiously downing vats of coffee to appear extremely lucid at that breakfast meeting.

I’m pretty much still a work in progress but we’re getting there; the battle against morning rush-hour blues and mind-numbing commutes just needs to be further fortified.

The key, I’ve found is to optimise the little time we have in the mornings in order to appear to be a vision of professionalism once we step out of the house. As such, everything actually starts the night before.

I know time sort of runs away from you after work or school, either from working over-time, catching up on the housework or just a late night out with beloved friends, but it has to be done.

Fresh Moves: Morning has Broken

1. Lay out your clothes the night before

This is an essential step in looking your best. My mornings are still spent trying to figure out what I want to wear to work and I absolutely dread it. Instead of rifling through my wardrobe or hastily ironing my blouse, I could be having breakfast or walking to the bus stop. It’s a time waster and sleepy-morning concoctions sometimes just do NOT work.

Bag from Porter

Bag from Porter

2. Pack Your Bag/Briefcase

For all the women out there, I know bags are an essential accessory. I agree with you in fact. So to minimise your time spent looking for that key you had when you last used that Marc Jacobs bag, get one bag that is sturdy and will last you throughout the week as your work bag. Leave everything pertaining to the office in that bag and pack it, if need be, the night before. In the morning, you can just scoop it up; knowing everything you need is in there.

Fresh Moves: Morning has Broken3. Write Things Down!

It’s pretty safe to say, the most organised and put-together person hides a million different coloured post-its. When we’re tired/sleepy/awakening, we’re absolutely prone to forgetting that particular report we have to take a long with us and that gift we’re supposed to give Marnie, whose last day of work is today! Write it all down and stick it on your mirror! You won’t miss it, when you check your appearance before you leave.

Fresh Moves: Morning has Broken4. Pack a Lunch

While you’re still preparing for the next day, might as well pack a lunch! This actually saves you money too! Grab some left-overs from dinner, make a sandwich or whip up something healthy and hey, you saved your diet too.

Fresh Moves: Morning has Broken5. SLEEP

Now this is the kicker. Penny K keeps prodding me to set a cut-off time so I don’t do anything more once that clock chimes and head to bed. Record that programme you want to watch or deal with that report in the morning. Sleep is essential to how well you run in the office. Besides, eye bags are unbecoming and products to conceal and make it all somewhat go away are pricey. I’m saving you more money, believe me.

Now that you actually have more time on your hands in the morning to gun your engine an you’ve gotten enough rest, you my friends are now ready to battle the teeming masses and hit work with some newly found energy stores.

If you’re like me and still need some stimulation in order to get things going, do some mental stretches! Do a Sudoku puzzle, read a book or if the train cabin or bus is particularly crowded, listen to some fast-paced music or even learn a language on your iPod. You can download podcasts that are free and readily available from iTunes.

Personally, I love to blow some people away on my PSP with Chili Con Carnage or you can find me Tap-Tapping away on my iPod.

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