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Fresh Joints: Forget Cakes, Now You Can Have Your Burger and Eat It

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All of us at Penny trooped down to the launch event of Asia’s first BK WHOPPER™ Bar restaurant at Clarke Quay. We give you the low down.

An article by Penny Kbk2

If you and your friends find yourselves trawling the streets in search of post-party late night bites only to resort to the usual fare of prata and teh, you ought to know that now you can have the company of Burger King’s WHOPPER™ burgers and fries till 3am.

Successfully elbowing its way to Singapore’s long list of supper joints, BK’s WHOPPER™ Bar restaurant at Clarke Quay opens to the public today.

Elevating the HAVE IT YOUR WAY brand promise to new heights, the DSCF0142WHOPPER™ Bar restaurant embodies the power of personal choice by offering guests a customisable and indulgent menu dedicated to the BK’s iconic WHOPPER™ burger.

No surprise why Singapore is the first and only in the Asia Pacific region to sport this new dining concept. As an “incubator for innovation”, Singapore presents itself as, “the ideal market to serve as BK’s test-bed for new store concepts and products in the region”, said Mr Peter Tan, President of Burger King in Asia Pacific. Since this is also food we’re talking about, Singaporeans will be more than willing to give it a go.

bk4The WHOPPER™ Bar is a transformation of the traditional quick service restaurant with a modern, bar-like look and feel which complements the Clarke Quay nightlife. The use of colours such as red, grey and black in its décor gives the WHOPPER™ Bar a touch of refinement instead of the fast and crass style of regular fast food joints.

If you’re the type of person who does things the way you like, including throw health caution out the window, the WHOPPER™ Bar might just become your new favourite hangout. Choose from three brand new WHOPPER™ burgers with single, double or triple beef patties and then choose from about 24 WHOPPER™ toppings.DSCF0155

There even are personalised sound zones where guests can plug their iPods in and listen to their selected tunes. Booth seats are private and are cushy enough for the tush.

Our verdict? The concept is cool: The décor adds a sophisticated touch to your regular fast food joint, club beats make DSCF0156you want to dance while eating, the personal spaces and friendly service faces all add up to an overall positive experience.

Having said that, the WHOPPER™ Bar may be more of a novelty. I would pay the price for novelty, but not sure if I’d come back for seconds and thirds in kind consideration of my wallet.

The New WHOPPER™ Who’s WhoDSCF0161

Angry WHOPPER™ Meal ($8.95) contained special ingredients like Chilli Rings and Fiery Hot Sauce. While I normally dig in to infernal foods heartily, I wasn’t half expecting my burger to be so spicy. I was caught off guard. If I had to pay close to $9 for a burger, I would expect it to be filling, fuss-free and quick to eat – meaning no need to take quick sips in between bites to put out the fire in my mouth.

Sweet Mexicana WHOPPER™ Meal ($9.95) had special ingredients like Nacho Chips, Grilled Onions and Sweet Salsa Sauce. We say yes, yes categorically YES to the addition of Nacho Chips to the burger. Unlike the Chilli Rings that set my tongue on fire, the crunch to the Sweet Mexicana was a pleasant surprise. The Sweet Salsa Sauce though, went under the taste-radar and could not be detected.

Western WHOPPER™ Meal ($10.95) had special ingredients like Turkey Bacon, American Cheese and BBQ sauce. Not so special if you ask us; such ingredients can be found in burgers all over. It must, however, be said that the Turkey Bacon complemented the American Cheese resulting in a satisfying, comforting combo. Distinctively savoury.

Look out also for the 4th new WHOPPER™ burger: the Rodeo XXL, comes in a meal for $11.95. All burgers are HUGE. Other additions to the WHOPPER™ Bar restaurant menu are espresso coffees and BK Fusions (ice-cream topped with Nestle® Honey Stars® or Milo®).

Nugget of information: The WHOPPER™ Bar is not certified Halal but that’s because the restaurant is licensed to serve canned beer. The ingredients used, however, are the same as those used in BK restaurants all over the island.

The WHOPPER™ Bar restaurant is located at Blk 3B, River Valley Road, #01-06, Clarke Quay and operates daily from 12pm to 3am.

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