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Fresh Creation: Creative Slippers

  • SumoMe

We’ve been told as a nation that it’s time to cut out the flip flops, but where it comes to these slippers, it’s going to be harder to say no.

An article by Penny K

We blame our flip flopping around on the tropical weather, but with these slippers, we’ll be finding more reasons (and excuses) to wear them. 

cut out rugs

1. Bedside slippers and matching rug 

How cool is it that you’ll never find beside slippers lying around anywhere else but in its rightful place; in the cutout?



LED slippers

2. LED slippers (Penny’s favourite!)

Another great concept. Practical for use in the dark. You know, like those times when you creep out of bed to steal a piece of chocolate from the fridge. They sort of also have a sci-fi feel to them as if jets of flame will shoot out of them any moment, rocketing you into the sky. 








3. vak_vakWater slippers called Vik-Vak

This one is for the kids. Water enters the hole nestled around that spiral design and water jets squirt out from the front with every step. Cute!






4. walking grassGrass Flip Flops 

Um, don’t quite get the rationale behind this but our guess would be that it was designed so wearers can be close to nature? 




sushi5. Sushi Slippers 

We’re sure these don’t taste as great as they sound but cute is what they certainly are! Choose from tamago (the yellow-coloured faux sweet omelette variety) or the maguro (pink-coloured faux tuna type).

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