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Eyebrows, Be Still.

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By now we’ve all realised how the successful eyebrow twitching Cadbury Eyebrows commercial has taken over the world of creative (or somewhat senseless, to some) advertising, a continent at a time. Cadbury’s deviation from the usual in your face message of “Oh, I like chocolate! Buy this chocolate!” has had people talking, smiling and laughing about the ad. Despite all the praises it had received and awards it took home, this commercial didn’t sit well with some in Hong Kong and was taken off the air.

Grounds for media prohibition: the bad influence the commercial has on kids. Apparently, some viewers were unhappy and worried that the ad would teach kids to constantly raise their eyebrows for no reason – which can be taken as impoliteness. Others commented that the entire commercial didn’t entice them to grab a chocolate bar (read: fail). A Master’s student from the Hong Kong University said that the ad made viewers uneasy and the child performers should have not been hired in the first place.

In case you were wondering, yes, we’re wondering the same thing as you. Why so serious?

The ad for Hong Kong TV

Lily Allen and Alan Carr’s spoof of it on the Channel 4’s Sunday Night Project early this year.

Source: Apple Daily

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