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Do the Mario!

  • SumoMe

I remember playing Super Mario Brothers on my brother’s Nintendo Game Boy, back in the day when it was bulky, had no colour and a cartridge you blew on when it wasn’t working too well. It has been a while, but Super Mario is still very much a huge pop culture icon and a dear friend to many.

Featuring a collection of Super Mario Brothers inspired evening wear  for her senior collection when she was a Fashion major, Craftster user Montyfull is not only a designer but an avid gamer. Saying that she doesn’t like to take herself too seriously, she coupled these beloved icons with sequins, duchess satin and even chiffon.

And we do have to say, our inner geeks just about crowed with glee when we saw them. We can’t seem to choose between sequinned Mario himself with the NES controller garter belt or the coin dress, with its curvy fit.

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