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Death By Irony

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Ironic moments in real life may not be as dramatic as they appear in the movies but they make small appearances that affect us in big ways.

An article by Penny K

It’s the same refrain: strangers meant to be lovers living two blocks away

The one thing you don't want to be acquainted with.

The one thing you don't want to be acquainted with.

from each other cross paths down the street but the guy’s on the phone and the girl’s too engrossed in a good book.

Irony as it appears in movies tend to be dramatic as such. Not being able to say “I love you” to that person you love so damn much, an anti-corruption top gun cop who falls in love with a colleague who’s a spy sent by a drug ring, the pauper who works his way up only to fall prey to the lure of money and dies as a result of greed…

But irony in real life is not quite as interesting or life-changing. We’re not talking about the exceptions here, we’re talking about the simple (but frustrating) ironies of life. One that happens to me every other day if I’m lucky, daily if I’m not:

(Rummages frantically through bag) “Where’s my phone? Where is my phone?!”

After emptying the contents of my tote bag and short of turning it in to the authorities saying, “I think I finally found the Bermuda Rectangle”, I find my phone in my pocket.

See what we mean?

See what we mean?

The little ironies of life kill by adding unnecessary stress.

Today after work, I met a Muslim friend for dinner. She’s famished from her fast. She taps fingers on the table in anticipation, tap tap tap. Her food is served first, piping hot from the kitchen. YUM. She picks up her spoon and fork to toss her pasta and what’s at the bottom of the plate?

A strand of hair.

Irony, you’re a bitch.


  1. hahaha irony does make life a little less serious!

  2. Indeed, especially when you find hair in food! That makes for a GREAT life. :)

  3. Not since Alanis Morisette has the word irony been so misused. Not everything described here fall under the ironic category.

  4. I still like your website though!

  5. Thanks!

    … Alanis Morisette’s “Irony” was a good song though.

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