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Her effervescent harmonies are bubbling with life as each verse is penned from the heart. This girl’s taking her listeners on a ride across the sky, but there are no fluffy clouds to sit on; only a soaring bed with feathery pillows and an awesome view from above.

A music review by Penny C

Inch Chua - The Bedroom

Though Inch’s voice is sugary sweet, there’s something impressively mature peeking out from behind those competent, saccharine vocals – a seasoned spirit (excuse the alliteration) that’s ready to share the love for her art with an audience. Inch displays the making of a credible vocalist who lends depth to her music by crafting together charming arrangements layered with introspective tales of personal journeys.

Inch identifies artists such as Fiona Apple, Roisin Murphy and Shiina Ringo as sources of inspiration. Hey, anyone who cites Queen Shiina as one of their musical geniuses immediately receives a bowl of stars for having some extremely good taste.And as her music played on, I was reminded of a fresher and younger version of Bic Runga. The differences between the two are apparent, but the manner each individual believes in their music is something worth mentioning.

The Bedroom EP is the perfect audio fix for a day when you want to chuck away life’s hectic rushes and just lounge at home. Each arrangement depicts spirited palettes of warm, faded colours sprinkled with the shimmer of whimsicality. What this album offers is a two way connection with listeners through means of expressive storytelling in the midst of eclectic musical compositions. The best part? Her songs are available for download at her website!

Inch, just like the many brilliant individuals chasing their dreams, may bigger success come your way soon enough!

Inch Chua - The Bedroom

Inch Chua - The Bedroom

Track Listing

1) Rule The World
2) Aqueous Oblivion
3) Devotion In Reality
4) Find Fix And Save

The Verdict

Thumbs: 4
Listen to:
Aqueous Oblivion

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