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Coffee is probably the most sought after beverage when weariness knocks on your door and an energy boost is all you need. If you want the wheels in your mind to work double time and if you’re going for the crazy eyes look, caffeine’s just the drug for that.

A wellness take by Penny C

So, coffee?

So, coffee?

Unfortunately, fighting fatigue this way can just bring your party down. Caffeine works like a catalyst for stimulating your central nervous system, perking you up the way you want it too but this doesn’t jazz things up for everyone. Some will start to experience anxiety or even the lack of concentration after they gulp down cups of caffeine found in coffee, tea, coke or even chocolates.

Once the caffeine’s done its duties in your system, the effect wears off and your heart rate returns to its original rhythm. So when the party in your body’s getting stale, there’s the cue for you consume more caffeine to pick things up. Without knowing it, here’s a harmless addiction that will most likely leave you in a slump, not to mention messing with your sleeping patterns too.

The most clear cut method to up the energy naturally is to gradually reduce the intake of caffeine. To avoid getting headaches and be tsk-ed about your sudden irritability, don’t get too ambitious and start staying clear of caffeine immediately; take things slow (and rationally) by drinking a cup fewer ever day. This will help you understand how body reacts and how much or how little change it can take without making you go all zany in the head. Alternatively, Sipping on warm green tea is a healthy substitute because it contains less caffeine than coffee and is filled with the goodness of antioxidants.

Coffee Curve

Caffeine Curve

So all you coffee addicts out there, the whole idea is this: less cups of caffeine, more chances of feeling cheery naturally. Do your body some good; mull over this during the weekend and start your new week with a change!

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