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Biker Chic

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Trends come and go but jackets last forever.

An Article by Penny V

Biker ChicOver the years there has been one jacket staple that has lasted several years, evolving over time. In season, you can currently see leather biker jackets in several runway shows and military jackets on celebrities such as Rihanna, who loves her Balmain denim version.

While I am currently coveting that same jacket, (and still recovering from the sticker shock) the biker jacket has stood the test of time far longer, even with its price tag, with its sleek lines, buttery soft leather and rock star chic appeal.

My own love affair for this classic trend-piece started when I used to lust over Luke Perry, who played the perfectly coiffed, bad-boy Dylan Mckay on Bevery Hills 90210. He would be leaning on his motorcycle, as he talked to Brenda with his fingers steepled, wearing a leather jacket and it was such a beautiful sight to behold. My leather jacket craze was also sealed with James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. I had his poster stuck to the wall in my room. (Yes, girls love bad boys, but that’s another story for another day).

Biker ChicBut biker jackets have come a long way since then, especially since it’s the women who now carry them off with such flair. It no longer conforms to its boxed outline, but subtly drapes around your body’s shape creating a sexy silhouette. With its almost angular construction, it now features more embellishments that include diagonal zippers, flaps and a mix of luxurious fabrics.

This cross-gendered accessory has even more feminine appeal with the way it has been paired with girlish dresses, tight leggings and floaty pieces that makes it even sexier. Better still, with its timeless style, investing in a good jacket makes it worth the price. Take a look at the different styles of leather biker jackets that you might like and see how it’s paired with.

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