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Bagging It (the Environmentally Friendly Way)

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In light of Recycling Day, 26 Sep 2009, here are some canvas shopping bags worth toting!

A Recycling Day 2009 recommendation by Penny K

With no disrespect to Recycling Day 2009, we think every day ought to be a recycling day. You really don’t have to do so in big, noble ways, but what a bonus if you could do so in fashionable ways. Here are some canvas bags you should be seen toting because truth is, plastic bags are ugly!


ACME Bags™ Dual-Handled Tote, Hemp

$7.46 and up (on sale)

The most versatile of the lot. If you’re not into patterns and designs, this is the one for you – plain and simple.


ACME Bags™ Recycled Cotton Lunch Bag, Medium

$6.95 (up to 40% off)

Here’s a reusable lunch bag that smiles on the environment. Ziplocs be gone!


ACME Bags™ Dual-Handled Tote, Hemp, Plastic Bags Blow™


This bag is much like the first one except that it not only packs your groceries and other stuff, it also packs a punch. For the Environmentally Friendly with an attitude.


Envirosax – Organic Series, Hemp Bag Natural Green Script


One of the more costly of the lot, this bag carries with it a heftier price because it’s got a more solid structure. It also sports the word “Organic”, you know, just in case people doubt that it is.


Envirosax – Organic Series, Bamboo Leaves


Aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment; there’s really not much more to ask for in a shopping bag.

All bags are available at Reusable Bags. Happy shopping!

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