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The latest American romantic comedy release to hit cinemas is The Proposal, featuring hottie Ryan Reynolds and America’s favourite girl, Sandra Bullock. A battle of wills and compromise the final proposal still seems bland.

An article by Penny V

The ProposalA regular ball-breaker and dragon-lady boss, Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) is the executive editor-in-chief of a book publishing company who finds herself in a sticky situation. Forced to marry or risk being deported back to Canada due to her visa expiring, Margaret’s career and ambitions now lies in the hands of her wannabe-writer assistant, Andrew Paxton(Ryan Reynolds), now unwilling fiancĂ©.

Therein lays the crux of the usual chick-flick melodrama. A softly wielded, modern day Taming of the Shrew, the majority of the movie takes place all the way in Sitka, Alaska along with all its tender-hearted build-up.

Directed by Anne Fletcher, who recently helmed Step Up 2 and 27 dresses and a long list of other romantic comedies, she sets a good pace and doesn’t overly fluff it up; but while The Proposal’s cast has great chemistry and charms you with their familial antics, it is rather predictable and leaves you with the feeling that it really wasn’t that funny after all.

Running a full spectrum of gags that range from proffering a puppy to an eagle, wobbling around in Alaska in 4-inch stilettos and an omnipresent foil (much like Rob Schneider in Adam Sandler films) who happens to be a waiter, stripper and minister all at once, most of it falls flat after the first few giggles.

It’s a pity really, as the chemistry and comedic timing between Bullock and Reynolds fit very nicely. (I’m still holding out for the next version of a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan coupling) And come on, how can you not love Betty White, who plays Andrew’s “Gammy”?

All in all, if you want something light-hearted and fun, it isn’t too bad a movie to catch. Plus, watching the two main leads in the buff in one of the scenes isn’t exactly a torturous experience.

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