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The Samsung WB550 is a joy to hold and a greater joy to take pictures with. Overlook the sturdy elaborate exterior of this point and shoot camera and you’ll get a very straight forward and practical companion on your photography missions. It’s genuinely easy to navigate through the menu options and selecting an appropriate setting for your environment.

An article by Penny C

Oh, so cool!

Oh, so cool!

One look at the WB550 and you can immediately tell that Samsung is running to win the race when it comes to style. This camera is designed to emulate the nostalgia offered by traditional 35mm film cameras and the professionalism exuded by a different and extravagant class of point and shoot cameras.

On the subject of performance, image brilliance is subjective but we like how the WB550’s images were produced with rich colours and lucid sharpness. Surprisingly, even in ‘live’ mode, the action shown on the 3 inch display screen was visually glossy and noticeably plush. But besides the harsh flash that created a very saturated image under indoor lighting, this digital camera is well fit.

The Verdict:
How can we turn this down? Even if with minimal knowledge in photography, with this professional looking camera in hand you’ll still appear looking like an expert.

The Bits:
105 x 61.4 x 37.2 mm
Sensor: 12.2 Megapixels
Zoom: 10X optical, 24 to 240mm
Display: 3.0 inch, 460,000 pixels
Storage: 30MB Internal, SD External

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