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Fight like a Girl: The Power of Being a Woman

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Girl talk at its best. Before you start jumping to cliché conclusions, this book isn’t on feminism. It’s about celebrating yourself. This spiritual book is penned by Christian author Lisa Bevere as she writes to empower women and encouraging achievements and happiness through strength, confidence, love and wit.

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Fight like a Girl: The Power of Being a Woman
By Lisa Bevere
Genre: Nonfiction, Christian, Women, Inspirational

Fight Like a GirlHaving the power comes about through perceiving how beautiful and gracious we are and realising our innate abilities that allows us to fight alongside our men and not in the midst of the battle. We don’t wield swords to fight; we swiftly draw our fierce daggers when enemies approach too close. Girls and boys have their distinctive yet complementing roles in life and how they make a great team.

The title doesn’t say “How to Fight like a Girl”, because this isn’t a manual on how to sit properly and adopting polite mannerisms (we’ve got all that down already!). It focuses a lot more on the “being” instead of “how to be”. Through a spiritual path, Bevere encourages women to be all that they can be and taps on our natural perceptiveness as an instrumental tool to achieve our best. No bashing of our male counterparts here, only the discovery of a deserving self-esteem and inner beauty that supplements our knights’ (sometimes) emotionally inapt hearts.

This book tells it like it is. Bevere writes with a genuine heart as she lays down episodes of her troubled times that helps restore the reader’s displaced sense of self worth. Though this book is written realistically for readers of a different faith, it really doesn’t matter if your spiritual beliefs are dissimilar because “Fight Like a Girl: The Power of Being a Woman” is for all the ladies out there. Pick this up if you’ve been needing to love yourself a lot more.

The Verdict
Excerpt: “He loves giving you the opportunity to face what you fear, because when you face what you fear you become fearless.”

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