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The strength of a child is immense – Charmaine is only 4 years-old and dealing with a rare breed of cancer called Neuroblastoma. Treatment is available, but it’s costing over half a million singapore dollars. See how you can help!

An article by Penny V

Cynthia with Jase and her trooper, Charmaine

Cynthia with Jase and her trooper, Charmaine

Little Charmaine is only 4-years old but she has been diagnosed with 4th stage Neuroblastoma, a cancer that occurs in infants and young children, and has been told that she only has a 10% to 20% survival rate.

With these odds, the future for this feisty little princess seems very bleak – but her mother, Cynthia Lim, 35, who also has a son, Jase, 5, refuses to give up without a fight.

The single mother was told of an alternative treatment available in the US that could raise her chances for survival by up to 40 to 50 per cent. Costing just over $500, 000, how could Cynthia afford this treatment when she had to give up her job in order to take care of Charmaine who is receiving treatment at the National University Hospital of Singapore? What with the economic downturn it didn’t look like Cynthia would be able to come up with the money.

With the help of family and friends who created a blog for Charmaine and media coverage, perfect strangers have been coming to the rescue. Even celebrities, moved by the video clips loaded up on Youtube have organized fundraisers and appeared on television commercials to spread the message to donate to Charmaine’s cause.

On 29th June, Singapore’s former football ‘Dream Team’ got together for a charity match and raised almost $60, 000 together with donations. AXN, part of SPE Networks – Asia even produced a commercial featuring their hosts to encourage viewers to donate to this special cause.

Visit her blog!

When the Singaporean publication, The New Paper ran the story on 13th June, there was an instant outpouring of donations that reached $40, 000 in just under a week. Some were parents whose children had also suffered through cancer, while others were survivors themselves, who knew the pain of treatments.

But it’s still a while to go, before Cynthia will be able to reach her goal of half a million dollars that is solely just for treatment and doesn’t include room and board or flight tickets.

In the mean time, Charmaine, continues to fight strong and hard, with her mother filming and photographing her progression of treatments and activities. She’s lost hair and grown to be rather skinny, but her spirit is still strong, even through the pain of treatment.

She promised her mother that she will fight hard against this “monster” and all of us here at Penny, hope you’ll fight a long with her.

Click the links below for ways you can help little Charmaine:

  • For a donation
  • To set up a fundraiser
  • For words of encouragement to keep their spirits up and running, drop them a note here. Even love helps a little to go a long way.

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