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A Call to a Concrete Jungle

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Syncing Papuan aboriginal dance roots with contemporary flair by Indonesia’s leading contemporary dancer and choreographer Jeck Siompo, part of the Singapore Arts Festival 2009.

Terima Kost @ Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore, May 27, 2009 – May 28, 2009

An article by Penny V


Waking Up

Terima Kost was a breath of fresh air for the Singapore Arts Festival. As one of the few Asian choreographic works from a full palate of international attractions, it spoke clearly and loudly from the intimate Theatre Studio at the Esplanade.

Jecko Siompo, born and bred in Papua has left his quiet village for metropolitan Jakarta city to study the art of dance. His piece, Terima Kost is a reflection of his adaptation to his new life in a tiny rented room (“kost”).

After falling in love with hip-hop, learning ballet and becoming a computer addict, this notable contemporary choreographer trekked back to his hometown to find out everything about traditional Papuan dance.

All together now

All together now

Fusing his aboriginal roots with the contemporary influences he has absorbed, Jecko produced a unique production to answer the call of the urban jungle.

Weaving tales of the games we play and the repercussions we must pay, Jecko’s choreography speaks through its funky combinations of new-and-old and punctuated with loud verbal exclamations. It continuously thrums with energy as its young cast continuously runs, jumps, hits, shouts and dances once the alarm rings.

Offering an adventure with Jecko’s radical mix of dance forms and body language, he is a choreographer that bears watching for future gems.

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